Montblanc 32, the 1970’s workhorse

Montblanc always tried to create a diverse range of models to cater to anyone interested in a “writing instrument”. Usually designated along a numerical system, being 1 for the top line (Meisterstück), 2 for a good mid-tier pen and 3 for the budget-line. Personally I never really understood the difference between the 2 and 3 series albeit that the 3’s with a steel nib can be considered a real budget pen. I buy quite a lot of pens and I think that the Montblanc’s 221 and 32 are probably the most common pens for sale, I assume this must be that in their day they were an obvious choice, being a good value for money. Most of the 32’s did have a gold nib, but with a special less wide nib design which requires less gold. The 32 is a real workhorse, simple but effective design and therefore very reliable.

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