The Montblanc Bohéme, both modern and traditional fountain pen

The Montblanc Bohéme is somewhat of a niche product, although the brand carries the model range for quite a few years it has always been a kind of odd ball. The pen is quite complex, it takes quite a number of actions to become ready to write and if handled incorrectly it is easily damaged. But that also makes it quite a joy to use. The pen has a retractable nib like the early Montblanc safety fillers, and sliding it in and out is very satisfying, the downside is that if try to put the cap on while the nib is out you risk bending it. The pen is quite short and it was generally considered a ladies pen, however since you are supposed to screw the cap on the back it actually is a full size fountain pen. I think the most interesting part is the sliding mechanism, it not only handles the nib but if you open the hinged backcover, you can actually turn even further to extract the ink cartridge. I personally love the Bohéme, it is kind of quirky and definitely a showboat of german engineering.

This week I have for sale a wonderful Montblanc Bohéme Noir fountain pen, in all black with platinum trimmings, and for those interested the matching ballpoint pen. Or as usual, check out all the other items I have for sale right here!

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