That other German brand; Pelikan

Usually I try to focus on Montblanc, which has and will be the go to brand if you are looking for a luxury pen (or writing instrument, if that’s more your thing). However Germany is home to an enormous amount of pen brands, behind Montblanc there is an obvious second in command, the brand with the big bird; Pelikan.

Pelikan has great timeline on their website, so because I am lazy I will just refer you there. I always have a little difficulty determining which model is which because only a few models have the model number on the pen itself, so usually I have to check out a few websites to see what I actually got. But then again, a Pelikan is always quite recognisable. The clip, the Pelikan logo, the commonly used striated striped design.

A little while back I was scouring antiques shops and I found a box of Pelikan pen’s, some absolutely new including the pricetags which is always a pleasure. But I also found this Pelikan 140 which is kind of the archetype of a Pelikan pen, in the original box that includes the manual. It has all the elements that define Pelikan as a brand, and this example is just perfect in that sense. And the great thing is, a Pelikan is always a great value.

You can find it here, or please check out all my other items right over here.

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