An almost religious beauty – Montblanc Pope Julius II

Montblanc has two yearly recurring editions; writer’s editions (honoring a specific author) and the Patron of Art’s, in honor of a historical person who has meant anything significant in promoting the arts. These PoA’s are the most luxurious Montblanc pens and are incredibly expensive. I am always a bit puzzled about these pens, first and foremost they are incredible works of arts, but the thing is that a lot of people don’t ever use them, therefore I often see them in absolutely pristine condition. Personally I think that any pen should be used, but the economic reality is simply that an unused object is vastly more valueable than anything in used condition.

That’s why I kind of prefer to buy used items, not only because these are cheaper but also because I can use them care-free because I don’t have to be afraid to scratch it or add the slightest sign of use that makes it lose that holy “mint” status.

This time I have an exceptional Montblanc “Pope Julius II”, Patron of Arts of the year 2005. In the original box, and although it has been used it still looks good.

You can find this pen right here, or do check out my other items here.

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