30+ Montblanc Bonanza – Christmas edition

Now and then I have to clean out my inventory and I try to find some special items and bring them together for a mega sale. So as you can guess, that moment is now, and planned in such a way that if you bid on one of these you will have it home before Christmas.

So naturally I have a large number of Montblanc items, 31 items in total. And what better than the top model range to top it all off, like a pretty awesome Patron of Art’s Andrew Carnegie in sterling silver. But there is something for everyone; 1950’s Montblanc 254 in grey, yes the rare export version, Meisterstück 161 “LeGrand” ballpoint, check, groovy 70’s Carrera’s, yes, several multi-color ballpoint pens! And lots more, find the link below…

Find the Montblanc bonanza right over here and everything else right over here!

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