Bulgari / Bvlgari fountain pen, an uncommon beauty

Sometimes you come across a pen you have never seen before, in this case it is more about a brand; Bulgari or actually spelled Bvlgari. I don’t know about you but I was aware of the brand but not as a brand for beautiful pens. I don’t believe that it was a large commercial success given the small number of pens I found online, some people would call it rare, but I don’t like the term, it has become so overused it lost all meaning. For the record, something that maybe has a handful of examples could be called rare, anything created in serial production is at most uncommon.

Anyway, this week I am selling the following pen with a rather bold design, very streamlined and rather heavy too.

Certainly a very nice looking pen, and the best thing is, it’s for sale and you can find it here, or check out all my other items this week!

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