Untouched Montblanc Masterpiece duo-set, spectacular in every way

What if I told you that I found a new and untouched Montblanc from the 1950’s in it’s original gift box, that would be cool right. Now what if I told you it was a Meisterstück, but not the regular one but a “Masterpiece”, the very uncommon export version for the US market, including the original English manual. Now what if I told you that we are not talking about one but a two pen set. Now that is mind boggling. I have seen a lot of cool pens, but never a perfect storm like this. Brand new 60+ year old pens, a Masterpiece 172 mechanical pencil and probably the best sized fountain pen Montblanc has ever made the Masterpiece 146 in celluloid with telescopic piston filler. But wait, it get’s better after the pictures…

The original owner Gustav Drees was a decorated German Luftwaffe pilot that after the war became the point man of the honorary motorized police brigade called “White Mice” that was responsible for escorting the nation’s guests.

And yes, that is indeed John  F. Kennedy being escorted by the same “White Mice” on his visit to Bonn in 1963. The seller specifically instructed me to tell the story of the original owner and I will forward all information including a newspaper interview to the buyer of this set. This set is serious holy grail material for Montblanc collectors, the owner’s story is simply the cherry on top, don’t miss this opportunity!

You can find this set for auction here, or check out all the other nice items I have for sale right here.


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