It’s time to sell some watches, a sporty chronograph and two Cartier’s

Unlike the tagline “Luxury pens, watches and clocks” suggests I have only posted pens and a few fashion items so far, and I have quite a few watches (and clocks) that will be offered in the coming weeks. What I am selling this week is a Lanco chronograph watch and not one but two Cartier watches.

This Lanco branded wristwatch is a typical sight from the seventies and eighties, the time of more frivolous case designs and colors and the mechanical Valjoux 7733  chronograph movement that is really the workhorse of this period of horology. It comes on a brand new stainless steel bracelet. You can find this watch right here!

The Cartier Tank is the second serially produced wristwatch ever (the first being the Cartier Santos), I will write a more comprehensive articles about the Tank soon. As I see it the Tank is a fashion icon and is absolutely timeless. You can find it right over here!


An always stylish Must de Cartier Ronde, with a quartz movement. Maybe not as iconic as the Tank but it is still a very clean design that is very attractive and a true Cartier nonetheless. Place your bids right over here.

Or please check out all the other goodies I have for sale right now, this week’s inventory is right around this corner.

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