Pretty in grey – Montblanc 252

A while back someone told me to check out an online auction, or more specifically a lot described as “old clock and vintage pens”, for a very little amount of money. When I checked the clock I immediately recognised it as a Jaeger LeCoultre Petite Neuchateloise, a vintage inspired tiny desk clock that is technically more of an alarm clock but with a cool music roll. Something to dig into in another article.

But in front of the clock was a row of pens, the seller didn’t even try to photograph the pens properly so basically I am looking at a single sideview, but what caught my eye was the broad gold plated cap ring of a familiar model. Hmmm… isn’t that a Montblanc 252? I chcked a little better and then I even noticed that you could just see the snow cap on the cap-top. Yes, that must be, but this pen was not in black but in grey. A special export version, since in their home market they never sold those.  Now if I told you what else I got from this auction, and the actual price I paid, people might start to foam around the mouth but rest assured it was a very good deal.

You can find this quite rare find here,  or as usual check out all my other items for sale this week right over here.

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