Lamy 81, understated fountain pen with platinum plated solid gold nib, yes really.

If you are talking about German pen brands, attention usually goes to Montblanc, and to a lesser extent Pelikan (which sounds far more German btw) but there is another brand from Germany that certainly deserves attention; Lamy. Where other brands went to become more exclusive and thus more expensive, Lamy chose their own path and kept creating value for money pens. Usually simple and very elegant but most importantly made very well ( whenever I find a vintage Lamy it is quickly back to working condition with often only a bit of cleaning necessary).

A while back I could buy a number of pens from a personal collection and from the few Lamy pens that came with it, nothing really stood out. However when I came home and I checked out my new pens I noticed some writing on the steel nib; 585… hmmmm…. 14k gold? You must know that solid gold nibs are almost always in yellow gold. The 81 was a top line pen for Lamy, but being that they love their understated design they chose to platinum plate their solid gold nib, so it basically looks as steel, but it isn’t. Gotta love that. The pen looks very simple but it is really well designed, and an absolute pleasure to write with.

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