Montblanc Bohéme Diamond Date ladies watch

I recently acquired a few ladies watches, and one of them is this Montblanc Bohéme Diamond Date. For some reason I am getting more interested in finer jewelry and I am trying to become more informed on gems and diamonds in particular.  Often watches tend to become too overwhelmed with precious stones that the functionality of it suffers. The shine of diamonds is something really special but like everything in life this should be applied with an acceptable degree. I think this watch has a terrific look , balanced and contained and still sporty.

As you might know most ladies watches are using quartz movements, being that a lot of women are supposed not to like mechanical watches as men do, I am glad to note that is an automatic, and therefore full mechanical watch, with a see through back to boot. Screw stereotypes.


You can find this amazing timepiece here, or check out my other items right over here.

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